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Having had many massages over the years I can definitely say Sophie is the best of the bunch. I feel fully relaxed and know she reads me well - she is very aware of the body, it's needs, keeping me aware of any stress points she finds and giving me possible reasons behind why she is finding them with solutions to improve. I melt into the session, sink into absolute bliss and emerge afterwards feeling wonderful. Thank you, Sophie, for all the TLC.

Georgina, London


Sophie has an intuitive understanding of what I need from a massage, whether it is to completely relax and unwind for an hour of escapism or for an invigorating massage to energise me and clear my head. It is always an hour extremely well spent.

Hannah, London


I call Sophie ‘Magic Hands’ as I can always feel a noticeable difference after my appointment.  She has a great ability to make you feel relaxed, and her massages are amazing.  I always recommend her to friends as she is by far the best massage I have ever had!

Kathy, Oxford


Sophie was great. She was able to quickly identify areas that needed attention and that were causing me grief and to this end, I would highly recommend her to others!

Johnny, London


I never thought massage was for me but after my wife persuaded me to visit Sophie I found I was sleeping better and better able to cope with the pressures of my job. I now make sure that I see her regularly.

Tom, London


I have noticed that since I have had regular massages from Sophie,  the muscle tension and knots have all but disappeared. This makes my workouts in the gym so much more of a pleasure! I will definitely continue my course of treatments

Jane, Oxford