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The body goes through many changes during pregnancy and this continues postnatally. Both physical and emotional changes can occur, the degree of which depends on the type of labour, how the pregnancy and labour went and the general health of the mother.


Often a lot of attention is paid to the newborn, with little thought for the mother's needs and it is imperative that the mother looks after her body and doesn't over stimulate it or try and rush back to a normal level of activity. In the early days the body is trying to repair itself, whilst surviving on less sleep, and if breastfeeding, producing milk. A massage can help stimulate milk production, aid recovery and allow the mother to rest and recuperate. The body is still recovering for the first year postnatally and so a tailored massage is a good opportunity to restore the body and mind, whilst preventing further long-term issues.


Each session will be tailor-made to the individual needs of the mother and the postnatal stage she is at. Stretches and energy work are incorporated into the treatment and any homecare advice is discussed at the end of the session.


The benefits of postnatal massage include:

The alleviation of muscle or joint strain felt during pregnancy/labour

Aiding pelvic floor healing and rebalancing the pelvis and spine

Reducing and preventing back and neck pain

Helping breastfeeding

Aiding healing from caesarean

Restoring function to abdominal muscles

Giving emotional and physical support

Helping the mother become posturally aware

Giving the mother some "me" time


Postnatal massage can be carried out with the baby in the room if appropriate or the mother may wish to have the baby being taken care of by a friend or family member.