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Indian Head Massage was first created in India over four thousand years ago, with the purpose of bonding different generations of the family. Its main function was to improve the condition of the hair and scalp and be part of the regular family ritual. Women have thetreatment at home every week and it is part of the barber experience for men. Here in the west, it has evolved to include massage to the neck, shoulders, upper arms and face to combat daily stresses encountered in Western Society. It can be performed on a chair ormassage couch, with or without clothes. It tends to be a vigorous treatment although, can also be adapted to a slower pace to aid deep relaxation.


A 15 minute treatment can be effective as can a 30 minute, 45 or 60 minute treatment. I tend to do 30 minute or 60 minute treatments, but can adapt the treatment to a shorter period if you are short on time. An hour long treatment can sometimes be over-stimulating, but is useful if there is a lot of tension in the neck, scalp and or shoulders.


This is a wonderful treatment for alleviating stress, headaches, muscle tension and insomnia. It can also aid concentration and improve alertness or put you in a state of deep relaxation. I can adapt the treatment to suit your needs on the particular day. It is also fantastic for those short on time and unable to have a full body treatment.